1. Severe thunderstorm watch issued for Calgary, Cochrane and Airdrie  CBC.ca
  2. Severe thunderstorm watches in place for parts of central and southern Alberta  CTV News
  3. Here we go again: Severe thunderstorm watch issued for Calgary and area  Calgary Herald
  4. BlackburnNews.com - UPDATE :Severe thunderstorm watch ended  BlackburnNews.com
  5. Calgary has fallen under a severe thunderstorm watch | News  Daily Hive
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  1. No change to school reopening guidelines despite Pence's comment  CNN
  2. Trump wants schools reopened. He's getting rare support from virus experts  CBC.ca
  3. Trump’s Tulsa rally ‘more than likely’ behind new coronavirus surge: health official  Globalnews.ca
  4. Trump is shouting for schools to reopen. He needs an actual strategy.  The Washington Post
  5. Trump threatens to cut funding of schools that don't reopen  CNN
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  1. Canada pushes back on U.S. Congress members’ call to reopen border amid coronavirus  Global News
  2. U.S. representatives want plan to reopen Canada-U.S. border  CBC News
  3. Canadians Say ‘Keep It’ To U.S. Congress Calls For Reopened Border  HuffPost Canada
  4. Covid-19 has ruined everything, including our relationship with Canada  The Washington Post
  5. Provinces and the police are cracking down on cross-border travellers who break the COVID-19 rules  National Post
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Tips for Donating to Charities through an Amazon Wishlist for to Tackle COVID-19 Amazon Wish List
  1. Robert Fuller: Hanging death of black man ruled suicide  BBC News
  2. Police investigation finds Black man found hanging in California was suicide  CBC.ca
  3. Black man’s hanging death in California ruled suicide after investigation: officials  Globalnews.ca
  4. Officials determine Robert Fuller, Black man found hanged in Palmdale, committed suicide  KTLA Los Angeles
  5. Death of Robert Fuller, found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, is ruled a suicide  Yahoo News Canada
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  1. US Supreme Court rules half of Oklahoma is Native American land  BBC News
  2. Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Native American Rights in Oklahoma  The New York Times
  3. Supreme Court rules broad swath of Oklahoma is Native American land for purposes of federal criminal law  CNN
  4. Eastern half of Oklahoma is Native American tribal land, Supreme Court rules  The Independent
  5. Supreme Court says eastern Oklahoma remains Native American territory  USA TODAY
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  1. Biden unveils economic plan to spur American manufacturing  CNN
  2. Biden takes aim at Trump's economy edge with 'build back better'  Aljazeera.com
  3. Biden's $700 billion economic plan, in 4 minutes  Washington Post
  4. Gutfeld on Joe Biden’s ‘America First’ strategy  Fox News
  5. The Debates Must Go Ahead. Let Trump and Biden Have at It | Opinion  Newsweek
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  1. Manitobans key vehicles, harass U.S. military members, families stationed in Winnipeg during pandemic  CBC.ca
  2. U.S. troops in Winnipeg face hostility over COVID-19 fears  CTV News Winnipeg
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  1. Will Trump pardon Roger Stone? Kayleigh McEnany weighs in  Fox News
  2. Coronavirus: White House comments on Trump's administration relationship with Dr. Fauci | Watch News Videos Online  Globalnews.ca
  3. This Was A Win: McEnany Responds To Supreme Court Ruling On Trump's Financial Records | NBC News NOW  NBC News
  4. Teachers express concern about US schools reopening  BBC News
  5. White House discusses USMCA deal, discusses Trump's presidential campaign, COVID-19 and education  Global News
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  1. Trump implies he's ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone  CNN
  2. Trump advisers fracture over Roger Stone pardon  POLITICO
  3. With prison looming, Roger Stone says his sentence is a 'death penalty'  NBC News
  4. Justice Department supports Roger Stone going to prison on Tuesday  CNN
  5. Trump says Roger Stone's 'prayer' for a pardon 'may be answered' soon - Business Insider  Business Insider
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  1. Severe thunderstorm watch issued for Calgary  Calgary Herald
  2. Severe thunderstorms, 110 km/h winds possible this afternoon: Environment Canada  TimminsToday
  3. Severe thunderstorm watches issued for northern Ontario  CBC.ca
  4. Severe thunderstorm watch issued for Prince George  CKPGToday.ca
  5. PM Update: Heat continues. A few severe storms possible this evening and late tomorrow.  The Washington Post
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  1. Edouard becomes earliest 5th-named storm on record in the Atlantic  The Weather Network
  2. Atlantic Storm Season Off to Third-Fastest Start Since 1851  Bloomberg QuickTake News
  3. Tropical Storm Edouard could form off the U.S. Gulf Coast this week  CTV News
  4. Tracking the Tropics: NHC tracking 2 disturbances, but Florida is OK  10 Tampa Bay
  5. NASA finds wind shear battering tropical storm Edouard  Phys.org
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  1. UK sanctions Saudis, Russians under new Magnitsky powers  Aljazeera.com
  2. U.K. announces sanctions against human rights abusers including Saudi Arabia, Russia and Myanmar  Global News
  3. U.K. sanctions Russians, Saudis under new Magnitsky Act powers  CBC.ca
  4. The UK thinks it’s influential enough to impose sanctions without EU backing. The rest of the world knows different  The Independent
  5. UK imposes sanctions against human rights abusers  BBC News
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  1. China warns its citizens to exercise caution in travelling to Canada  CBC.ca
  2. Hong Kong: China attacks Canada's, UK's response to security law; calls for fairness on Huawei  Global News
  3. China warns citizens to exercise caution in travelling to Canada  Toronto Sun
  4. Canada suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong over China's new security law  CBC News
  5. China warns citizens travelling to Canada to exercise caution, citing ‘violent actions’  Globalnews.ca
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  1. White woman who called police on Black birder in NYC's Central Park charged with filing false report  CBC.ca
  2. Amy Cooper faces charges after calling police on Black bird watcher in Central Park  Globalnews.ca
  3. 'Central Park Karen,' who called cops over Black man, is being prosecuted  Toronto Sun
  4. Amy Cooper Faces Charges After Calling Police on Black Bird Watcher  The New York Times
  5. White woman charged after calling 911 on Black man in racist NYC confrontation  CTV News
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  1. Justin Trudeau snubs Nafta meeting with Trump in Washington  The Guardian
  2. Trudeau not going to D.C. for Mexico-U.S. meeting  CTV News
  3. Canadian PM to skip US-Mexico meeting in Washington, DC  Aljazeera.com
  4. Mexico’s President Is All In for Trump  The New York Times
  5. Trudeau Won’t Go To Washington To Toast New NAFTA With Trump, Mexico’s President  HuffPost Canada
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  1. Publication date of Trump niece tell-all memoir moved forward  Al Jazeera English
  2. Tell-all book by Trump niece to be released next week  CTV News
  3. Mary Trump's book to be published early amid 'extraordinary interest'  The Guardian
  4. The explosive tell-all book by Trump's niece is coming out two weeks earlier than expected  CNN
  5. Publisher moves up release of book by Trump niece  POLITICO
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  1. Online exchange students must leave or 'face consequences': ICE  Al Jazeera English
  2. US to withdraw visas for foreign students if classes moved fully online  BBC News
  3. International students may need to leave US if their universities transition to online-only learning  CNN
  4. ICE says foreign students can't take online-only classes in the fall  CBS News
  5. US To Withdraw Visas For Foreign Students Whose Classes Move Online  NDTV
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Coronavirus is surging in Florida -- and so is anxiety over Trump's chances with senior voters  CTV NewsView Full coverage on Google News
Alberta health minister orders review 4 years after noose hung at Grande Prairie hospital  CBC.caView Full coverage on Google News
  1. HUNTER: Ghislaine Maxwell 'knows everything' about Epstein's pals  Toronto Sun
  2. British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on charges related to Epstein investigation  CBC.ca
  3. What Ghislaine Maxwell knows: A trial would unearth secrets Epstein took to his grave  National Post
  4. Perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell can fill in some blanks for Epstein's ‘bewildered’ friends  The Guardian
  5. Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and the women who abuse other women  NBC News
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  1. Globe-galloping cowboy Filipe Masetti Leite rides into Calgary after 8-year journey  Globalnews.ca
  2. No parade? No problem: Western traditions alive despite 2020 Calgary Stampede cancellation  CTV News
  3. Brookman: Stampede spirit will thrive even without the full Stampede  Calgary Herald
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  1. Canada suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong, stops military exports after China imposes security law  CTV News
  2. Canada suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong over new security law  CBC.ca
  3. Canada suspending Hong Kong extradition treaty in response to new security law  Global News
  4. Canada suspends its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and export of 'sensitive goods'  National Post
  5. As China tightens its grip on Hong Kong, people are leaving for Taiwan  NBC News
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  1. ‘Little Mermaid’ statue vandalized with ‘racist fish’ in Denmark  Globalnews.ca
  2. Copenhagen's Little Mermaid branded 'racist fish' in graffiti attack  The Guardian
  3. Famous Little Mermaid statue in Denmark is vandalised with 'Racist Fish' graffiti  Daily Mail
  4. Iconic Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen has ‘racist fish’ graffiti scrawled across it in bizarre pro  The Sun
  5. Denmark's Little Mermaid Statue Vandalized With 'Racist Fish' Message  Newsweek
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  1. Video shows crowds gathering in Wasaga Beach, Ont., on Canada Day: ‘It was just crazy’  Globalnews.ca
  2. Today's coronavirus news: Wasaga Beach to close main beach area after huge Canada Day crowds; WE group to stop running federal volunteer program  Toronto Star
  3. Ontario won't close packed beaches despite major overcrowding issues  CTV News
  4. Toronto mayor urges 'common sense' at beaches ahead of scorching weekend  CTV News
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  1. Botswana reports mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants  Al Jazeera English
  2. Botswana investigating mystery deaths of 275 elephants  CBC.ca
  3. Botswana investigating mystery deaths of at least 275 elephants  National Post
  4. Hundreds of elephants die mysteriously in Botswana  Globalnews.ca
  5. More than 360 elephants die from mysterious causes in Botswana  CTV News
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  1. Early Atlantic pandemic bubble travellers face long lineups  CBC.ca
  2. Here are the public health rules in each of the Atlantic bubble provinces  Globalnews.ca
  3. Atlantic provinces lift travel restrictions within region starting today  CTV News
  4. No new COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia reported Friday  CBC.ca
  5. 'Atlantic bubble' allowing travel between 4 provinces now in effect  CBC News
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  1. Gun-Wielding Police Officer Confronts Doctor At His Office | NowThis  NowThis News
  2. US officer resigns after photos, connected to death of black man in 2019, surface  Cranbrook Townsman
  3. Medical Expert Says Ketamine Can Save Lives  CBS Denver
  4. Elijah McClain’s Mother Shown Photos Of Aurora Officers Reenacting Chokehold  CBS Denver
  5. Elijah McClain was injected with ketamine while handcuffed. Some medical experts worry about its use during police calls.  NBC News
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Pompeo calls report of forced sterilisation of Uighurs 'shocking'  Al Jazeera EnglishView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Mississippi Mayor: ANTIFA Not Coming, COVID-19 Not a Hoax  Snopes.com
  2. Analysis | The Daily 202: Mississippi removing Confederate icon from flag shows power of pressure campaigns  The Washington Post
  3. Mike Leach, Mississippi State administrators react after legislators vote to take down state flag  Jackson Clarion Ledger
  4. Blue Jays outfielder Anthony Alford proud that Mississippi is removing the Confederate flag: ‘There will be change. We’re seeing it.’  Toronto Star
  5. Mississippi’s removal of a Confederate symbol from its flag should be celebrated  The Washington Post
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  1. Streaming platform Twitch suspends Trump's campaign account  CTV News
  2. Social media site Reddit bans pro-Trump forum, live-streamer Twitch bans U.S. president's channel  National Post
  3. Reddit bans subreddit dedicated to Donald Trump in effort to curb hate speech  Global News
  4. "Hateful Conduct Not Allowed": Twitch Suspends Trump's Channel  NDTV
  5. Twitch just suspended President Trump's channel for 'hateful conduct' - Business Insider  Business Insider
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Trump retweets then deletes video of man yelling 'white power'  CNNView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Venezuela tells EU ambassador to leave country  BBC News
  2. Venezuela’s Maduro orders EU envoy to leave country following sanctions  The Globe and Mail
  3. Venezuela's Maduro orders EU envoy to leave after fresh sanctions  Al Jazeera English
  4. EU CRACKDOWN: Venezuela banishes bloc from country - ambassador given 72 hours to get out  Express.co.uk
  5. President Maduro orders EU ambassador out of Caracas after coalition slaps sanctions on several socialist party members  Washington Post
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  1. Coronavirus-hit Arizona reverses course on reopening  BBC News
  2. Arizona shuts bars, theatres, parks amid virus resurgence  CTV News
  3. Coronavirus leads Arizona governor to close bars, clubs, gyms for 30 days  Fox News
  4. Arizona closes bars, gyms and other businesses after 'brutal' increase in Covid-19 cases  CNN
  5. In about-face, Arizona shuts bars, pools again to curb virus  Washington Post
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  1. German officials alarmed by Trump's calls with Merkel, kept secret: CNN - Business Insider  Business Insider
  2. Trump's phone calls alarm US officials  CNN
  3. Insiders compare Donald Trump's private calls with Vladimir Putin to 'two guys in a steam bath'  Daily Mail
  4. Erdogan reportedly called Trump sometimes as often as twice a week: CNN - Business Insider  Business Insider
  5. Bolton: Trump's 'fundamental focus' not on US national security  CNN
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Canadian-made COVID-19 vaccine ready to start human trials soon  CTV NewsView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong quits pro-democracy group as China passes security law  Globalnews.ca
  2. Hong Kong pro-democracy activists quit Demosisto group, after Beijing passed national security law  The Globe and Mail
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  1. Beijing passes sweeping national security law for Hong Kong  CBC.ca
  2. China’s parliament passes national security law for Hong Kong  The Globe and Mail
  3. Taiwan warns citizens of Hong Kong risk after China law passed  Al Jazeera English
  4. From London I watch the crisis engulfing my beloved Hong Kong, and I despair  The Guardian
  5. U.S. begins to pare back Hong Kong's special status amid scrutiny over security law  CBC.ca
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